One of the most frequent causes of typical roof damage, according to professional roofers, is a roof leak. Unidentified leaks can lead to moisture buildup in a home’s walls and roof structure, creating a major issue that is challenging to repair.

According to statistics, flashings are the site of 95% of roof leaks.
Without correct installation, it is simple for water to seep through flashing’s surface and for moisture to accumulate beneath roofing layers.

Even small vulnerabilities in roof flashing can begin to let water or snow in. Although subtle at first, breaches in headwall flashing can cause a large amount of damage in a short amount of time.


  • Weather: Extreme weather might eventually cause roofing materials to degrade. Storms with a lot of rain or snow may be to blame for loose or broken shingles, while strong winds may lift the edges of a roof and loosen flashing and nails.
  • Trees: Due to scraping or falling branches, trees that are close to a home can easily harm the structure of a roof. A roof’s surrounding greenery may also obstruct adequate drainage, causing moisture to build up and the growth of mold or algae. That’s why Fixx always recommends moisture resistant shingles!
  • Low Maintenance: Make sure to regularly evaluate the condition of your roof, specially after heavy snowstorms or rain, this way you will be able to do a repair on time before it gets worse.
  • Poor repairs: When spotting any damage on your roof, don’t try repairing it yourself or wait too much time to fix it as the damage can increase or damage the surrounding area.

You’d better call FIXX if you notice any of these damages on your roof!